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Hey there,
My mind is sometimes clouded with should haves. I should have this in my life, you should have done this in our relationship, I needed this from you and you were not there and I wait, weighed down.
In tumultuous times and in difficult relationships I am learning to step back, to step away from the should haves and fantasies of what I believe needs to happen. I need instead to think about the lessons learned, about how I am sculpted and changed through difficulty. As I find gratitude for all that life brings, grievances often fade and with it comes a new sense of lightness.
Join us this morning for a chat
Inspiring Friendships
This weekly chat group is for all women (no matter how you identify) to discuss topics of interest and find connection.
Join us for an hour and a half of interesting chat as the spirits moves us.
Thursdays @ 10:30am
Thursdays @ 10:30am
Indian Canyons Hike
Bring 2 liters of water and a snack.
Spring Walking & Hiking
Tuesday, February 23rd @ 8:45am
Indian Canyons Trading Post to the Stone Pools
Hike is 6 miles, 900 ft elevation gain.
3 - 3.5 hrs. There is water in the pools at the moment.
Preview hike here
Wear good hiking shoes. Social distancing required and masks when we are stopped or talking with one another.
Join Kim, Gail, and Gwendolyn at Palm Desert Civic Park, 43900 San Pablo Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260
Sunday, March 14th @ 11am - 1pm.
We will gather at Picnic Pavillion 1 and the surrounding area.
Bring your own food and drink, there is no sharing of food; physical distancing and masks are required within 8 feet.
Directions to Palm Desert Civic Park
can be found here.
Picnic Pavilion 1 is in the South East Corner of the Park shown left in the lower right hand corner.
"Portrait of a Lady on Fire" 2019
Directed by Céline Sciamma
Starring: Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel
Brittany, France, 1760. Marianne, a painter, is commissioned to do the wedding portrait of Héloïse, a young lady who has just left the convent. Héloïse is a reluctant bride to be and Marianne must paint her without her knowing. She observes her by day and secretly paints her at night.
Intimacy and attraction grow between the two women as they share Héloïse’s first and last moments of freedom, all whilst Marianne paints the portrait that will end it all.
Beautifully done film.
If you have any recommends for movies or books you'd like to share with a brief critique, email to me @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Lesbian & Women's Programming elsewhere
Tomorrow Night an Evening with...
The Dark Divide, in Print and Film:
An Evening With Nature Writer Robert Michael Pyle and Actor David Cross. 
Join this a live event featuring local nature writer and butterfly expert Dr. Robert Michael Pyle in conversation with actor David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show), as they discuss their roles in the recent film, The Dark Divide, a fictionalized account of Pyle’s 1995 trek across the Gifford Pinchot Wilderness in search of new butterfly species, and a way through the grief after losing his wife.
Tickets available here
This was shared with us with one of our members, who wanted to share with other Women’s Newsletter subscribers, in particular our hiking group. If you have something you’d like to see included in this newsletter, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for consideration.
Pickleball meet up!
Women's Pickleball Meet up
Wednesday 24th Feb, 9AM
Civic Center Park
Mary Barsaleau will be at Civic Center Park Wed. at 9:00 for  beginners pickleball.
She has room for another 4-5 players/beginners. Please contact her directly if you like to join.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thursday Feb 25th, @ 10AM.
Meet up at the rear of the Palm Springs Museum's parking lot on Thursday Feb 25th, @ 10am. If you're interested in joining please contact Janis @
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Click here to check out the route
on Ride with GPS.
Sunday February 28th, 1PM
Facebook Live Event
Lucy and Gail present a look back and reflection on
The African American Experience.
Join host Sweet Baby J'ai and guests Jazz in Pink, Ruthie Foster, Angie Harvey, Perry Lang, Yvans Jourdain, Anye Elite, Yuki Withrow, TaShia Asanti, Doris Read, Lorenzo Taylor and Wes Banks as they close out this celebration of Black History Month.
Members of the Palm Springs LBGTQ Community:
OutBook 1st Wednesday in March
The next OutBook Zoom discussion will take you to Paris. Irma O’Dell will moderate a discussion of “Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice” by Janet Malcolm. This acclaimed biography (New York Times Book Review: “Brilliant, penetrating and playful”) should provide a great discussion.
The group will meet @ 6:30 PM (if you want to socialize), 7 PM for the actual colloquy. You can check with the Palm Springs Public Library for book availability (only 229 pages). In these challenging times, it is good to have a connection with like-minded bibliophiles.
Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for zoom link
Shelter Dog Walk Day or just a Walk Day!
Some gals have expressed interest in setting up a regular gal walk, possibly some days with shelter dogs from the Humane Society of Coachella or the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.
These dogs LOVE to get out of their kennels as much as possible and they need exercise. It’s so good for them and for us, and is a good way to socialize them with more people and dogs. This is a way for us to help them to be healthy and happy and possibly to find them a good home!
If you are interesting in a walking group and/or walking group with shelter dogs, please contact Barbara @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Enjoy our weekly newsletter below.
For all the ways that technology has made some of our lives easier, when it doesn't work, it can feel like we're overtaken by that expletive-filled cloud from cartoons. We've been able to check in with you week after week for nearly 52 weeks now with regular poll questions via email with just a click of a button. But when our potential health and well-being may depend on getting an appointment to be vaccinated, that process isn't so easy. We're hearing from folks about difficulties in getting through for an appointment. What about for you?
How has your experience been in getting a COVID-19 vaccine/appointment:
I have gotten the vaccine or an appointment
I have not been able to get one because of lack of access to internet or phone
I have not been able to get one because the steps are confusing
I need help making an appointment
I am not eligible to get a vaccine yet
On a light note, the wacky weather has continued with a massive windstorm last week. Before those 70+ mph gusts came, we asked how you were feeling about the temperature. Maybe we jinxed it, or maybe it's all part of Mercury Retrograde. Take a look at the varied opinions we heard -- almost as varied as the weather itself!
Director's Letter
I’m feeling hopeful these days and a little bit more like myself. It’s so nice that restaurants are open once again and we’re able to enjoy a nice meal on a beautiful patio. A year ago, going out to eat was something I took for granted. Who knew that going to a restaurant would mean so much? I’m also very aware of the fact that I’m privileged – I have access to food. Many in the Coachella Valley have limited or sporadic access to food – even if their job is to harvest food. 
I’m in awe of the kindness and generosity that you all share with us and our Community Food Bank @ The Center. Food insecurity it on the rise with no end in sight.
This year The Center is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Community Food Bank. Please join us for Virtually Red Dress as we have some much needed fun and raise awareness and funds to help continue to feed our neighbors.
Debra Pollock
Director of Development
Upcoming @ The Center
Since we can’t hold our typical annual Red Dress Dress Red Dance Party this spring, we’re keeping the spirit alive with a Virtually Red Dress Weekend benefitting the official 10th anniversary of The Community Food Bank @ The Center, on March 20th & 21st, 2021.
Let’s have some fun, while keeping you motivated and your body moving, in preparation for when it is physically safe for us to once again gather together on the dance floor (hopefully later in 2021!).
Click the button below for more details and to sign up!
Eisenhower Health @ Home series
Coming Next Week!
Register here
Diabetes: It's only a word,
not a sentence.
Diabetes is a condition to be managed not a death sentence. With some significant changes to lifestyle and a few necessary precautions, you will be able to lead a long and healthy life. Join Marielena Cid, RN, Diabetes Educator Via ZOOM to learn what you can do today to begin your journey to wellness.
Wednesday, February 24th
4pm to 5pm
Meeting ID: 975 8966 497
Coming second week in March!
A Woman's Guide to Healthy Aging
As many women over 50 know, some things just get better with age. However, aging also increases the risk for developing health conditions that can impact your quality of life.
Join Cari Sudmeier, NP, Women’s Health Via ZOOM to learn about a few conditions that are common among women as they age - and what you can do to prevent or treat them.
Wednesday, March 10th
4pm to 5pm
Meeting ID: 975 8966 497
Register here
Join us for These Ongoing Programs
The Great Outdoor Adventures continue
Join this virtual journey along the most scenic trails in North America, from preparation, acclimation, and adventures on the trails with a PowerPoint presentation and some great photos and stories of actual events.
Wednesday, Feb 17 @ 7PM
Meeting ID: 842 4221 9520
Inspiring friendships
This weekly chat group is for all women (no matter how you identify) to discuss topics of interest and find connection.
Join us for an hour and a half of interesting chat. Let’s talk about the last 11 months. On a personal level, did you feel you learned anything positive? What have been the toughest challenges? How has it changed you and how has it changed this community and this country?
Thursdays @ 10:30am
(excl. Sundays)
This Social/Fun space hosted by Doug Morris and sponsored by The Perfect Purl (theperfectpurl.com) provides a social and sharing platform for a community of fiber enthusiasts.
There's a variety of dates and times for you to conveniently connect with others via ZOOM.
Please join us and stay for a minute or two hours while we keep one another in stitches. Everyone is welcomed.
Full schedule on our program page.
LGBTQ+ Youth Virtual Hangout
If you’re between the ages of 14-20 and need a safe space to connect with other LGBTQ+ youth, Zoom by for a minute or longer.
Fridays 2PM - 3PM
Hosted by Miguel Navarro
Jugando Con Orgullo
Join in The Center Coachella's LGBTQ Game Night with a
Zoom Virtual Scavenger Hunt!
Friday, February 19th
5:30pm - 7:00pm
to register, email:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Spiritually Queer
1st & 3rd Mondays
This group provides a safe place to discuss all aspects of what it means to be queer and spiritual. We explore, learn and support each other on our individual spiritual journeys without judgement, fear or expectations.
First and third Mondays
Next group: Monday, March 1st
10AM - 11AM
Your path to
Inner Peace
By finding our inner gifts and tools to access a quiet peaceful place using meditation techniques, we can better achieve our goals in life.
With this new 8-week program, Barbara Lippert will guide you to a peaceful place and access your own spiritual intuition and help better understand what can work best for you.
Mondays 2:30PM - 3PM
Let's Talk About Race Continues 2/25
The conversation continues this month, as we round out our conversation on the document "White Supremacy Culture" by Tema Okun from Dismantling Racism Works. Join us at 5PM next Thursday, February 25th.
To register, email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 760 416 7899
Racial Healing
Postponed until Monday, March 1, 2021!
This is a free, closed group (not drop-in), for persons of color who want to process and heal from racial injustice. The 10 weekly sessions will start Monday, March 1, 2021.
Facilitated by Christopher Rios, AMFT, and Leo DeOliveira, AMFT, via HIPAA-compliant Zoom calls, the group will provide a safe space and support for the processing and healing of racial traumas and injustices.
Starts March 1, 2021
Mondays @ 6:30PM
Black History is American History is Our History
Daily stories of Black LGBTQ Leaders.
Throughout Black History Month we are sharing on our social media (Facebook and Instagram), images and brief stories of key Black LGBTQ figures who have informed, fought for, and influenced Black History and American History.
Alvin Ailey was a famed dancer, choreographer and activist who founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City in 1958. He was a pioneer in his vision of a dance company dedicated to the role of African-American dancers and culture in American modern dance.
Make sure to follow our posts and share them with others as we celebrate and inform the future of what remains an ongoing struggle for equal and fair representation and inclusion in our collective community and culture.
In need of more connection? Join us Monday through Friday online in our Zoom Meetings, like Knit Together, Women's Chat, Men's Chat, and much, much more.
Get Resources
The Community Food Bank @ The Center
Located at 610 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs, The Community Food Bank @ The Center is open for distribution every Thursday from 5PM - 7PM.
Drop-offs welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:00 am to Noon and NEW Curbside drop off hours: Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Collecting barrels will be available in front of our food bank facility for easy, safe, self-service drive by - drop and go!
Also please consider purchasing online at websites like AmazonSmile® or from other online food suppliers of your preference, and deliver direct to The Center @ 1301 N Palm Canyon Dr, 3rd Floor. Palm Springs, CA 92262.
Take Action
Vaccinations - who, when and where?
Gov. Newsom has announced a lifting of the Regional Stay-at-Home order statewide, which means Riverside County returns to the purple-tier and restaurants can resume outdoor operations. Meanwhile COVID-19 vaccine clinics continue this week for those in Phase 1A (all tiers), 1B (tier 1), individuals 65 and older, and frontline essential workers including education and emergency services. Vaccination sites remain quite full and vaccine supplies are limited, so you are encouraged to keep checking often. The County is working on opening additional sites and creating mobile units.
State Vaccine Website: https://covid19.ca.gov/vaccines/
Get tested for COVID to help our County!
You can help decrease transmission rates by following public health guidance, physical distancing, wearing a mask, and confirming your status by getting tested for COVID at these locations, including sites in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, and Indio.
Testing is for everyone, regardless of immigration status or insurance.
Business Partners
Support those who give!
Please help support the businesses who support The Center, the work we do, and who give back so generously to our community. Click here for a list of Business Partners with The Center.
David Bohnett and the David Bohnett Foundation are committed to improving society through social activism. They are believers in technology – and have developed a network of more than sixty community centers – from city centers to college campuses – that provide state of the art computing to the LGBTQ community. We’re grateful to Michael Fleming and the Foundation for all of their support and partnership all the years.
Learn more about our Corporate Sponsor and the David Bohnett Foundation here.
Community Events
Connect Virtually
PALS seniors and future seniors, Planning Ahead before a health issue requires connections. Come join the conversations.
PALS Café:
Every Wednesday, 4 PM – 5 PM
February 24, 2021 – Are you a listener or a talker? The art of both.
Zoom ID # 832 2405 1340, Passcode: 016864, Zoom Link here
For more dates, sign up for email notifications at their website: palsinthedesert.com
Saturday, February 27th, 10 AM - 11 AM
Becoming Resource-FULL for Future Care
Physically distant social fun!
Our Friends at Gay Desert Guide have all the details on some cool events happening in the valley and beyond!
Thursday sees a Broadway Showstopping event courtesy of CVRep. Dan Savage's HUMP! Film Festival continues on Friday, virtually from Seattle!
Saturday introduces Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum and finished off with Not Your Grandma's Bingo!
Check out these fun events on their Facebook page here.
They were here, and they were ours
Here we honor the memory of folks in our community who have passed.
Peter Dempsey (1957 - 2019)
I met Peter when I joined the Oakland Gay Men's Chorus. We sang together for many years, until I moved to the desert. He was a leader and a mentor. I miss him! - John Tuttle
Robert Beach-Barrow (1948 - 2020)
Robert Preston Beach-Barrow, passed on 12/5/20 He was born 1/13/48. Husband of 42 years Duane (Dirk), brother John, sister Violet. Donations: The Altar Guild Fund, St. Paul's Church, Palm Springs. - Duane Beach-Barrow
If you'd like to submit a name for inclusion here, please fill out this form.
Submissions received by 5PM Friday will be included in the next week's newsletter, for two consecutive weeks.
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