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Together, we rise June 3 2020

Hey there,
June is upon us. And it feels like the whole world (or at the very least, our country) is staring our stark inadequacies as clear as a June day. While we celebrate Pride month fity-one years after Stonewall, we remember that event for what it was: an uprising of LGBTQ people against police harassment and violence. Bricks were thrown, a riot ensued. One year later, the first ever Pride March took place in New York.
Today, and for the last four hundred years, this country has borne witness to the spectacle of violence against Black people. Enough is enough. It's been enough, for centuries. While we know we didn't start white supremacy, or create it, because we benefit it, it's our responsibility to dismantle it, together.
And amidst all this, there is still a global pandemic. As we mentioned last week, things have been slowly opening up, and you might be curious to know that about 24% of people answered that they were feeling some level of excitement. On the flip side, a majority of people (76%) had mostly anxious or mixed feelings about things opening up. The most common answer was anxious/uneasy with nearly 27%.
Now with curfews and protests occurring across the country, those feelings may be exacerbated. Tell us:
Do you need a space to process recent events out loud with others?
For those that answer yes, we'll send you an invitation to an online community dialogue with The Center staff in the next few days.
And once again, let us know:
Do you need food or assistance getting food to you?
Thoughts from Mike
Eisenhower Health @ Home
Nutrition Label Literacy
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
5:30PM- 6:30PM
Nutrition labels can be confusing, and with the new changes by the FDA, it can be challenging to know what to look for when determining the foods that are right for you. Learn how to read and understand the label in this interactive workshop so you can feel confident when you head to the grocery store. Join us on Zoom to learn how.
Knee Replacement Surgery: What you should know
Wednesday, June 10, 2020
Maybe you recently injured your knee, or you’ve been dealing with knee pain for a long time. Regardless, you’re looking forward to getting better. Preparing for knee surgery, or “prehabbing,” has been known to improve strength and function after surgery and can potentially decrease hospital stay times, and improve long term function! Join
Ken Zaparinuk, PT, to learn the specifics on what to expect from your surgical prehab and rehabilitation plan.
LGBTQ Black Lives Matter Town Hall Today
In response to the brutal killing of George Floyd by white police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Equality Florida will host a virtual town hall to discuss the intersections of systemic racism and injustice against the LGBTQ community and call on supporters of LGBTQ civil rights to take action.
Panelists: Alphonso David, President, HRC; Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council VP; Michele Rayner, Civil Rights Attorney; Imani Rupert-Gordon, Executive Director, NCLR
Nadine Smith, Executive Director, Equality Florida
Connecting with our Community via Zoom
In need of connection? Join us Monday through Friday online in our Zoom Meetings (Installation instructions here) .
Featured Online Offerings
Join The Center's Kim Kieler for an LGBTQ women's chat group.
Haven't filled out your Census form online yet or keep putting it off? Find out why it's so important for our LGBTQ community. Streaming LIVE on our Facebook page Thursday at 11AM.
With (virtual) arms wide open
In collaboration with Destination PSP, you can give virtual hugs to your loved ones with these shirts and hats. Proceeds benefit The Center, whose mission is creating vibrant community by helping LGBTQ people along their way and offers essential services, including the Community Food Bank and Behavioral Health Clinic @ The Center.
Join our Protein Run
All aboard today! ! The Love Train for the Community Food Bank @ The Center continues this morning from 10AM to Noon. If you are in a position to do so, we are need a protein run as part of this Food-Raiser. We need canned or frozen meat, eggs, lentils, cheese, yogurt, and yes, even tofu (plus any other food donations you might have to give)! Staff and volunteers will be on hand to safely accept your donations via drive-thru. All you have to do is show up to 610 S. Belardo Rd. in Palm Springs with food in your car, and we’ll make sure our community is well-fed!
The Community Food Bank @ The Center located at 610 S Belardo Rd, Palm Springs is open for distribution every Thursday from 5PM - 7PM
COVID-19: Locations to Get Tested
Testing locations below in the Coachella Valley. Testing is for everyone, regardless of immigration status or insurance.
Relief for Immigrants
The state of California is providing disaster relief funds to individuals and families left out of the federal CARES Relief. Locally, in Riverside and San Bernadino counties, TODEC Legal Center is the organization through which qualified households can
get assistance for the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants.
Upcoming Community Events
If you're moved and able to be a part of local events, check out this youth-organized event in Palm Springs on Saturday.
Your Touching Story of the Week
Watch Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council Vice President, and the first openly black trans women to be elected to public office, address her city and community during this emotional time.
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