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Healthy Aging Lecture Series



April 4

Alex Del Rosario, MD

Internal Medicine

Testosterone and Hormones: Safeguards and Treatment Options

Please join Alex Del Rosario, MD for a  discussion regarding the use of testosterone and hormone replacement therapies for an older population. While testosterone therapy can boost muscle mass, mental focus, and energy levels, testosterone also has potential risks that are important to be informed about. In addition to the lecture, there will be time for questions and answers.

April 11

Joy Jones, MD

Family Medicine Associate Physician

Is Stress Killing Your Desires?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with life? Do you toss and turn when you sleep? Are you gaining weight you cannot seem to lose? Are life's stresses putting a damper on your libido? Or do feel fatigued and blah? Believe it or not, stress could be an underlying cause of all of these symptoms. The health benefits of stress management are long reaching. Dr. Joy (Dr. Joy Jones-Harris) will be sharing some functional medicine tips on things you can do to rest better, and have an improved sense of well-being. You will leave enlightened, happy and relaxed.

April 18

Jonathan Bechard, MD

Internal Medicine

Demystifying the HPV Virus and Preventing Cancer

Please join Jonathan Bechard, MD for a discussion to help demystify the HPV virus and how to use preventative care to help prevent cancer.  Find out what you can do to help decrease your chances of getting HPV and the different types of cancer linked to it. You will get answers to common questions about HPV, HPV infection, and how HPV testing is used.

May 9

Michael Hughes, MD

PrEP: Frequently Asked Questions and Discussion

Family Medicine

We believe it’s good to talk honestly and openly about sex. It’s just one key to establishing a good relationship with your medical provider and with your partner(s). Please join Michael Hughes, MD to get upfront answers to the most common questions regarding Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and the answers to all the questions that patients are asking or are afraid to ask.

May 16

Jon Colbert, NP

NEW Sexual Health Clinic at Eisenhower

Family Nurse Practitioner

Please join Jon Colbert, NP as he presents Eisenhower's NEW 'Walk-In' Sexual Health Clinic in the Rimrock Center. We will discuss the clinic's comprehensive healthcare services, and how you can quickly access the care, information, and support for: STD Testing & Treatment, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP), HIV Testing, Hepatitis C Testing, HPV related anal cancer screening.

May 23

Jonathan Bechard, MD

50 Shades: Sexual Health in a Fetish World

Internal Medicine

Please join Jonathan Bechard, MD, for a sex-positive discussion around common medical risks associated with fetish play, how to avoid them, how to talk about them with your doctor, and how to bring a health-positive voice to your desires when you’re playing.  

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