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Kim Kieler

Kim Kieler

Please join James Adams, MD, Eisenhower Health for a discussion on sexually transmitted infections and your healthcare options.

Older isn’t necessarily wiser when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condom use for vaginal/anal intercourse is lowest among the oldest adults, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.

Among adults age 61 and older who were surveyed, only 5.1 percent of men and 7.4 percent of women used condoms during recent sex.This is in part because for many older people, the sexual health disaster of their generation was an unwanted pregnancy – not HIV and STIs. They may not be thinking about protection, but seniors are just as susceptible to STIs as younger people.

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Please join Jon Colbert, NP for a discussion to help demystify the HPV virus and how to use preventative care to help prevent cancer.

Find out what you can do to help decrease your chances of getting HPV and the different types of cancer linked to it. You will get answers to common questions about HPV, HPV infection, and how HPV testing is used.

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Feeling blah? Depressed? Isolated? Anxious? Relationship Problems?  Stressed?

Come to our low cost mental health clinic.  Our clinicians use evidence-based techniques that can help you face life's challenges, learn new skills, and make lasting poritive life changes.

At the Behavioral Health Clinic @ The Center, you can get access to individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, Bereavement Therapy Group, Long-Term Survivor Therapy Group, trans and gender identity counseling, and free counseling for older adults.

Our services are affordable & on a sliding scale based on monthly income.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, please click HERE.

You may also call Mike Martin, Clinic Administrator, at 760-416-7899, menu option 1.




STARTING OCTOBER 29th, 2019 | Session runs thru January 2020

About the Instructor...

Keith Mottola’s professional career ran from 1976 to the present, from Broadway tours, regional theaters, cruise ships and major theme parks. He was the owner and artistic director of Steps off Broadway in the Boston area from 1991 until 2015 both teaching and producing up to 12 musicals a year. Keith currently teaches at Step by Step in Palm Springs.

Important note to participants from instructor: Bring hard sole shoes before investing in tap shoes.

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The "Multigenerational Chat Room" would be a weekly closed discussion group on provocative and timely topics designed to bridge the generational divide and break through stereotypes of what it means to be older or younger.

Participation would be open to gay men, lesbians, bi and transpeople of any age.

  • Each week would have a different topic and a millennial or younger speaker (an expert or just a group member) who would frame the topic with a ten minute opening, followed by structured discussion both live and online (through a podcast-like platform).
  • Online participants could listen-only, but post questions or comments that would be moderated by the facilitator.
  • Each topic would be a springboard for discussion from personal perspectives of people born in different parts of the lifespan.
  • The facilitator will be cognizant of engaging dialogue by older and younger participants and encouraging civil discourse.

The online presence is intended to appeal to younger participants who may be less familiar with static chat groups and may not be drawn to gender specific groups. Most people are familiar with online chat rooms where they can express and share opinions with an online community. However, the series will be designed to maximize the intimacy and sharing of the live chat experience, with minimal distraction by the web presence, which will have a limited number of lines and require pre-registration.


About the Instructor...

Lorenzo Taylor is a longtime community activist who has facilities LGBT community building efforts through board membership on the Washington DC, Denver and San Francisco LGBT Centers and through leadership of many organizations, including the Gay Community Circles, Discovery Community. California Men's Gathering, the National AIDS Task Force, Lambda Legal, Black and White Men Together and the San Francisco Gay Men's Community Initiative.

He retired recently from 30 years working in public health policy and programs with the federal Ryan White HIV AIDS Program and the Community Health Center Program. He has advanced degrees in International Affairs and Public Affairs, with a focus on health Social Marketing.  


Program Schedule:

  • October 5Are We Still Coming Out? (Oct. 11-Natinal Coming OUT Day) Focus: Identify. How important is your LGBT identify and how did you come out or how do you let the world know "who" you are? Do LGBTQIAA labels help or hurt your individual growth? Is the annual National Coming OUT Day still relevant?
  • October 26 What’s “Pride” Got to Do With it? Focus: What do the growing public LBTQ Pride celebrations mean to you? Is it time to change Pride celebrations or get rid of them all together?
  • November 16Who’s Your Best Bro, Bro? Focus: Community and Family. How important are biological family connections vs. those with the LGBT "family" and how do you strengthen and maintain those connections. How do you connect with straight allies and racial and ethnic communities?
  • November 23- How Woke Are You? Focus: Activism and Politics. How important is activism/politics/being woke to you and how do you get and use political news/information? What’s the best way to create social change? Who determines the “gay agenda?” Is it OK to be a-political?

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STARTING OCTOBER 5th, 2019 | 10 Weeks Session

Designed for beginners and even those with no previous music experience!

This lovely little instrument is easy and great fun to play! The strings are nylon so it doesn't hurt your fingers...you can take it anywhere, it's inexpensive, and just plain fun! Interested in learning "Stairway to Heaven"? on the Uke, you got it! How about "Cough Syrup"? How about Handel? This little gem can do it all! Students will learn the basics of music and a huge selection of songs decided by group consensus.

Note: Ukuleles not included, please bring your own. 10% discount on ukuleles with The Master Musician store in PS if they mention that they are taking Eric Pytryga’s class @ The Center!


If you have specific questions, please contact Eric Pytryga:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


About the Instructor...

Eric Pytryga has been teaching the guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, drums and piano for well over 20 years and specializes exclusively in Adult Beginners and Children. His patient and friendly approach will have you playing in no time flat! I provide the latest in technology to help you on your way from web page that plays the song you’re working on at any speed you want (to help you practice) to computer and iOS programs to help you along.


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STARTING OCTOBER 19th, 2019 | Session runs thru December 2019 | First 4-weeks: drop-in, followed by two 4-weeks sessions

Latin partner dancing is fun, rhythmic and easy to learn. The sound of percussion is infectious and makes you want to move your body. Many of the dances have the same basic patterns, so several dances can be learned simultaneously, progressing from slower dances (Bolero/Rumba), to medium speed (Cha-Cha), to fast (Salsa/Mambo).

No experience or partner is needed to get started, and the symmetrical patterns makes changing back and forth as leader or follower easy. Perfect for same-sex dancers! After learning the basics, participants practice together and change partners frequently, encouraging better practice with different partners, and great social interactions.


About the Instructor...

Geno Russo started dancing at 7 years old and began teaching dance at 14. His career has spanned over 60 years from being a performer on stage, a ballroom and Latin dance competitor, a choreographer, and in “Learn To Dance” instructional videos.

Geno co-founded a non-profit organization called "Connecting Through Dance" from 2000 through 2008. The mission was to bring diverse groups of people together to connect through dance. He has also trained same-sex dancers competing at the Gay Games and performing for the San Francisco Gay Pride Celebration.

Geno and his husband recently moved to Palm Springs from Santa Rosa where he taught weekly LGBTQ classes and was a frequent guest teacher for the OutWest LGBTQ group's monthly dances. Geno is known to be a super-clear, funny and very experienced dance instructor.


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STARTING OCTOBER 2nd, 2019 | Drop-in Sessions

Be part of the first Peer-led support group in the Coachella Valley for LGBT dementia caregivers/carepartners.

This support group offers a safe environment where LGBT caregivers/carepartners, who are caring for an LGBT person with dementia, can receive support from others going through similar experiences and learn better ways to cope with, and make sense of, the many different emotions that arise when taking up the caregiving role.

We will also discuss the unique social and psychological considerations facing LGBT caregivers/carepartners, as well as LGBT person(s) with dementia, in the areas of:

  • Dealing with family and friends
  • Finding supportive healthcare and service providers
  • Experiencing mistreatment or discrimination
  • Maintaining a sense of community
  • Maintaining your own well-being as an LGBT caregiver/carepartner

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