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Beginning Bridge with Mimi David

8  2-hour lessons.

The charge for each student is $120 Members $145 Non Members. Students must purchase Mimi's book for $20.00 on the 1st day of class


Starting date would October 3.  The dates would be every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10:00 - 12:00

ending October 26.

Mimi David;s website is www.ilovebridgebooks.com and you can also review her books on Amazon (I love bridge beginner). Mimi will have books with her to purchase at the beginning of class.

A minimum of 12 students are needed for this class, so bring your friends.


Comments from an " I Love Bridge" student: 

"I have tried bridge twice before in my life and

I can tell you that you are the very best teacher. Your presentation and books are built in a manner that really allows for easier learning and a continual build-up of skill."  

Many thanks, Carol





Mimi David began her bridge teaching career in 2001 in Marina del Rey, CA prior to moving to the Palm Desert and La Quinta, CA areas in 2007.

In the desert, Mimi found a wonderful community of people interested in learning bridge, and others who wanted to upgrade their bridge game with the latest bidding systems.  In 2007 Mimi published the "I Love Bridge" series of Beginner/Refresher, Intermediate and Advanced bridge textbooks. 

The Beginner/Refresher book is designed for beginning bridge players, and for those who have played in the past and want to upgrade their bridge game with the latest bidding systems. Returning students may find they can self-learn with the user-friendly and easy to read material.

The Intermediate book covers more complex elements of the game such as notrump bids and responses, Stayman, Jacoby transfers, Gerber, quantitative bids, the balancing seat, negative and takeout doubles, declarer play and defense, reverses, slam bids and control bids. 

The Advanced book offers many up-to-date conventions, Lebensohl, and the Two-Over-One game force bidding system.

The books were edited by renowned bridge expert, writer and editor

Barry Rigal.  To quote a book review from the ACBL's Bridge Bulletin monthly magazine, "Expert Barry Rigal contributed his insights as editor of the "I Love Bridge" series, so you know the bridge aspects are sound. What's especially refreshing about the series is David's holistic approach to the game, integrating bidding, play and defense right from the start"

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